Sandton Primary School

141 Coleraine Drive, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191.

First class education

It takes a village to raise a child, and we work closely with our parent family to achieve excellence.

Sandton Primary School was founded on the values of providing learners with a first-class academic education in a secure and beautiful setting where they can thrive as individuals. Our teachers are employed on the basis of their dedication of nurturing the unique qualities of every child to maximise their potential in life. Here at Sandton Primary, we have excellent facilities that includes an astroturf field, an Olympic-size swimming pool and state-of-the-art classrooms where children’s potential can be recognised. Another feature of our ethos is the focus that we place on developing every learner. This is achieved through smaller classes where more personal attention is available to learners on a daily basis, and a pastoral programme that facilitates the growth and development of every learner. 

What We Offer


We offer small classes, so each child receives individual attention. We advocate inclusivity and welcome all children to Sandton Primary School.  

Our school offers Grade 0 up to Grade 10 and we make use of the CAPS curriculum requirements, focusing on preparing learners for NSC examinations.  

The school offers second additional language Zulu, and each class receives music lessons. We follow the CAPS curriculum and offer a language development programme. 


The school offers an extramural programme where we cater for summer and winter sports.


We currently offer table tennis, swimming, cricket, netball and soccer, and will be introducing hockey and water polo this year.


Sandton Primary School offers a variety of cultural activities, including: 


Chess, Drama, Creative Art Festival, Board Games, Johannesburg Festival, Art, Dance and Music.


We offer state-of-the-art facilities.
Our swimming pool is in constant use, as we feel that it is imperative for every child to be able to swim.


We have a tuck shop with an outside lunch area, where all the children eat their lunch each day.


The school library is a very popular and welcoming environment and we often find learners reading in it of their own accord at the end of the day.


We have bowling cages equipped with bowling machines for cricket practice, a tennis court, and an astroturf-covered sports field with changing rooms.

We are dedicated to lifelong education and research. We keep up with the times and followe cutting-edge research from around the world in our profession. This means that staff development is never over. Every week, teachers are evaluated and formally trained to ensure that they have the confidence and skills to excel in the classroom.


Small inclusive classes


Individual attention


Professional staff


Enthusiastic teachers

Caring for the wellbeing of all our Learners

Our school is equipped with smart boards, which allows for optimal interactive teaching and learning in a modern South Africa.  We also offer an aftercare program where learners receive lunch and are assisted in completing homework tasks.

Sandton School Group Logo

Dedication, Passion and Perseverance

Sandton Primary School is dedicated and passionate about learner diversity, cultural differences and the education of our learners.