Meet The Team

Mrs Nadya Katz

CEO and Executive Head: Sandton School Group

Nadya Katz is the name of the visionary entrepreneur – with a deep-rooted passion for children and education – who owns Sandton Group of Schools. Mrs Katz opened her first school, Smiley Kids Verwoerd Park, in 1999. She later went on to open three more Smiley Kids franchises in Gauteng: Smiley Kids Stone Arch, Smiley Kids Albemarle and Smiley Kids Sandton, where she is currently the principal.

Nadya Katz has not only proven to be an extraordinary entrepreneur, but also an involved and caring parent to her own two children. She plays a hands-on role at all of her schools, and still finds time to pick her kids up from school and take them to their respective extramural activities.

It is a known fact among our schools that Mrs Katz knows the name of each of our learners, and is quick to hand out hugs and special smiles. The learners become extremely excited when Mrs Katz walks through the door, and have even started an annual concert in honour of Mrs Katz’ birthday, where each class performs either a song, dance or poetic number – which always leaves Mrs Katz in tears.

Mrs Katz is a fashionista at heart and always stands by the following words of the late Georgio Armani: “To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail”.